Geneveve Radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Posted by Claire Wilson on October 16, 2017

The blurb

Geneveve is a single, 30-minute vaginal treatment that has no down time. Just like skin, vaginal tissue relies on collagen and elastin for its support. With the normal ageing process or physical stresses from child-bearing, the tissue can become overstretched and weakened. The result is very commonly a feeling of vaginal looseness called laxity, the side-effects of which can be a loss in physical sensation during intercourse as well as issues with urinary incontinence. According to 81% of obstetrics and gynaecology practitioners, vaginal laxity often goes unreported by their patients, and therefore untreated. This can have a profound effect on a woman’s sexual experience, and by extension, her overall health and well-being.

Only Geneveve uses patented deep heating and surfacing cooling pulse technology specifically designed for vaginal tissue. This unique approach ensures the experience is comfortable, quick and typically you only need one treatment. Because the surfaces of the vaginal walls are not injured, and only the area just inside the vaginal opening is treated, women can return to normal activities immediately. Over the next three months, the body responds by developing healthy, new collagen and elastin so the vaginal tissue is revitalised and sexual sensation is restored.

The vaginal tissue reacts to the heat by replenishing new youthful, cushioning collagen within the tissue. Everyone’s baseline level of laxity and natural response mechanisms vary but results typically peak at about 90 days and are still evident at 12 months.

The process

After examining me and checking my medical history Dr Lana sat me down and talked me through the process. Basically, I just lay back on a bed for 30 minutes while a small tampon-sized probe was inserted and moved circumferentially around the opening to the vagina. Alternating pulses of heating and cooling radiofrequency energy were delivered at each spot, and no numbing medication was needed as the probe uses deep heating and simultaneous surface cooling pulse technology specifically designed for vaginal tissue.

Dr Lana was both professional and reassuring, and the experience was neither awkward nor scary.

Facial skin has been treated with radiofrequency for years, and with great results, so it stands to reason that the same technology should have a similar plumping and rejuvenating effect on other tissue. There was no pain, only a light awareness of a sensation at a particular point in each rotation. The whole thing was no less comfortable than a manicure.

The results

Amazing. While I didn’t have any particular issues with laxity, I started noticing a difference about two months after the treatment. Sensation was heightened and my boyfriend felt, ahem, larger. After three months the difference was even more pronounced—sex felt much more intense and climax was stronger.

In the interests of objectivity I didn’t mention the treatment to my boyfriend, but the sweetheart recently mentioned that I’m the tightest woman he’s been with (the last was 19). Which in my books says it all.

But as the makers of Geneveve are keen to point out, the real benefits are for the woman and her experience of sex. I’m childless and in my early 30s, but I imagine if I’d had children or was menopausal the results would be even more gratifying. And if and when either of the above do occur, Geneveve will be my first port of call!

The details

Geneveve treatment around £2,500; Ideal U, 59 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 6NF;