Sex after Cancer

You can ReBOOT post cancer

Learning how to embrace your post-cancer body is new and figuring out how to adjust is a challenge. It takes adults years to be self confident right? So how can we expect someone who just went through cancer to adjust to this body over night? Cancer happens fast. After the treatment, surgeries, and the dust settles you are left staring in the mirror trying to understand this new you. There is help.

Adverse Effects of Cancer Treatment

When you have finally finished battling cancer, the side effects can still be causing life to feel less than it was. Unpleasant side effects of cancer treatments can wreak havoc on women’s sexual health and personal life in a multitude of ways.  Many suffer from severe vaginal dryness when surgical or medical menopause occurs due to the removal of the ovarian function. As extreme vaginal atrophy sets in the vaginal canal narrows making sexual relations very difficult to impossible and painful. Libido levels have taken a down turn decreasing your desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm.

ThermiVA and Geneveve to the Rescue

Feminine wellness options like ThermiVA and Geneveve have achieved great success for patients at all stages in their recovery. The slim wand allows for even the most severe cases of vaginal atrophy to be treated.  New collagen and elastin is generated both outside and inside the vagina with temperature controlled radio frequency.  There is also an increase of blood flow to the area due to the creation of new blood vessels.   This is what is ultimately behind the “The Viagra Effect.”  Natural vaginal discharge is formed because of the increased blood flow.  The soft and elastic characteristics of new tissues permit stretching that could not be achieved previously.  Typically, patients find they can renew their sexual relations within three months.  ThermiVA has delivered exceptional results without discomfort, hormones or surgery.

ThermiVA treatments are performed without the need for anesthesia and there is absolutely no downtime. The patient can engage in sexual relations, exercise or any physical activity she chooses immediately following the treatment.  The ThermiVa treatments take approximately 30 minutes to perform each month for three months with an annual touch up. The Geneveve treatment is a single treatment.

The key advantages of ThermiVA and Geneveve treatments include:

  • Non-surgical
  • No downtime or lengthy recovery
  • Painless
  • Provides results after the first treatment

ThermiVA and Geneveve offer additional benefits such as skin tightening, leaky bladder, vulvar skin disorders and organismic difficulties.  These are quickly emerging as the gold standard for non-surgical and non-hormonal treatment for countless feminine ailments for breast and pelvic cancer patients.

Cancer takes so much, don’t let it take your sex life too.  At least not without a fight.

Dr. Suji can discuss with you the options of each treatment and help you decide your best course of action.  She has helped many women recover from a variety of issues with great success.  Schedule a consultation to learn and develop and personal plan of action to take back your body!


Treatments are at ReFINERY Skin & Body Specialists in Raleigh , NC and are performed by Dr. Suji Park-Idler.  You can learn more about our practice at

Read testimonials of women who have had the treatments.

Girlfriend’s Guide to ThermiVa

Welcome Ladies!

Come for your complimentary consultation, learn all the details.  Get help for your vagina.  You can improve your orgasm, tightness, moisture, appearance and more. Below is the nitty gritty told just like your best friend would say it.

Prepare for the treatment:  This isn’t complicated.  “Landscaping” the area is encouraged.  No need to shave the “mons pubis.”  This is the area you can see standing up with your legs closed looking in the mirror.  Just get down around vaginal lips and opening.  The day of the treatment –  shower.  Wash the area.  I’m sure I don’t have to say it but really, w-a-s-h  the area.  Use soap, water, rinse well.

In the room: When we you get you in the room we are going to take LOTS of pictures.  Standing up, from the front, from the back, laying down in the stirrups, spread open.  Do not worry.  It has all been seen by us before.  There is nothing new here.  We will also make sure nothing but your vagina and some leg are visible in the photos – no face, no other parts, you will not be identifiable. Additionally, your photos will be assigned a number.  There is only one place in your records where your number is matched to your name, so your photos will NEVER be identifiable.

Now it’s time to start.  You will be draped so the top half of you stays warm and covered while Dr. Suji works on the bottom half.  Your feet go in the stirrups and ultrasound gel is applied all over.  Really gooey.  The device will be placed on you and the machine turned on.  It will feel like nothing at this point, just the smooth plastic surface of the device hand piece and gel.  As Dr. Suji moves the device around the area it’s doing it’s thing.  It is heating up to the perfect temperature using radio frequency. Yes, you will feel the heat.  It is really nothing.  If you do feel anything uncomfortable speak up.  The device will be moved faster or to another area or more gel will be applied.

Dr.  Suji will move from area to area, swooshing and swooping.  This is the perfect time to ask any questions about anything we do at Refinery or anything your mind wanders to.  She is focused on what she’s doing, but she can talk.  Before you know it, it’s all over.

All done – almost.  You will need to wipe off all that gel and have another photo shoot.  You will be able to sit with a mirror and see your “after”. The camera will be able to show you the “before”  You will be amazed!  That’s it.  The doctor will ask you use the bathroom (you need to pee).  All set.  You can go home, go out, have sex, exercise, lay around, there are no limitations.  Over the next first few days some women have said they feel like the number of trips to the bathroom to pee have increased, but that goes away after a few days.

Ask us any questions.  We are your friends!

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