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Girlfriend Guide to ThermiVa

Girlfriend’s Guide to ThermiVa

Welcome Ladies! Come for your complimentary consultation, learn all the details.  Get help for your vagina.  You can improve your orgasm, tightness, moisture, appearance and more. Below is the nitty gritty told just like your best friend would say it. Prepare for the treatment:  This isn’t complicated.  “Landscaping” the area is encouraged.  No need to shave the Read more about Girlfriend’s Guide to ThermiVa[…]

Celebrate your “V” Day

It’s already hit the stores. That explosion of pink and red, chocolate and stuffed animals, flowers and jewelry—all to celebrate Valentine’s Day (V-Day). Whether you usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, cards, a romantic dinner or by adopting a sloth (apparently this is a real thing), or even going out with the girls (hello, Galentine’s Day!), we’re Read more about Celebrate your “V” Day[…]

Review of Geneveve

Review of Geneveve™ by Viveve – A Simple Treatment for Vaginal Laxity that can Impact Overall Well-being By Gemma Johnson –   January 5, 2018 We sent one of our MyFamilyClub members to trial the treatment at their North London clinic. Written by Michelle Pegler, mother of 3 children based in Buckinghamshire. I attended Dr Mayoni’s Treatwell Read more about Review of Geneveve[…]

Tighten Vagina In Just 60 Mins

WOMEN’S HEALTH: New Technology Promises To ‘Tighten Vagina’ In Just 60 Mins: Facts About Vagina Plastic Surgery By Rubelle on March 2 2017 10:14 AM Women who wanted to improve the tightness of their vagina may want to try this new technology. Plastic surgeons from V’Juvenate located in Queensland, Australia uses a heated wand which releases radio-frequency energy to Read more about Tighten Vagina In Just 60 Mins[…]

Not Your Mother’s Kegels

Kegels: that mystical exercise that strengthens something “down there.” But what are Kegels and what are they strengthening? Heck, what part of your southern area even needs help? The short answer: Kegels are exercises for your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic Floor Muscles There’s a lot we could say about the importance of pelvic floor muscles, but Read more about Not Your Mother’s Kegels[…]

Taking a closer look at ThermiVa

May 05, 2017 By Lisette Hilton Based on RealSelf Worth It ratings, ThermiVa’s track record with patients is impressive. At last glance, with 164 ratings during 24 months, 95% say the radio frequency nonsurgical vaginal tightening treatment is worth it. The RealSelf “vaginal rejuvenation” category, under which ThermiVa (Thermi Aesthetics) resides, has grown 37% year over year, Read more about Taking a closer look at ThermiVa[…]

What it’s really like to have your vagina tightened From the procedure and the sex benefits, to a doctor’s advice. By Paisley Gilmour Jun 14, 2017 For so many reasons, women worry about their vulvas. Whether we’re pranging out about the smell, appearance or tightness, most women will tell you they’ve experienced a bit of vagxiety in their lives. While we know all VJs are stunning Read more about What it’s really like to have your vagina tightened[…]

The Trending Procedure Everyone Is Suddenly Talking About

Tatiana Bido , Special Projects Editor | June 14, 2016   Remember when talking about cosmetic procedures used to be taboo? Long before we became a nation obsessed with Botox and butt lifts, we were a little more discreet about any work we had done to our bodies. We are way past that now and may have even reached the final Read more about The Trending Procedure Everyone Is Suddenly Talking About[…]

Extreme beauty: What are radio frequency vaginal treatments?

It’s not about appearance By Bridget march Jul 11, 2017 This year we’ve talked about surgically enhanced back dimples, nipple reductionand non-invasive ‘nose lifters’, but while these controversial procedures are aesthetically-driven, the latest trend for radio frequency treatments down below is more about enhancing sensation. Vaginal laxity (that’s looseness, in layman’s terms) is a common subsequence of childbirth Read more about Extreme beauty: What are radio frequency vaginal treatments?[…]

IUDs May Have a Surprising Health Benefit

By Alexandra Sifferlin November 7, 2017 TIME Health For more, visit TIME Health. The intrauterine device (IUD) is considered one of the most effective and long-lasting forms of birth control available. Now a new study suggests it may also have a role in preventing cervical cancer. A new analysis of available research suggests that women who use an IUD are Read more about IUDs May Have a Surprising Health Benefit[…]

Muscles That Matter: Pelvic Floor Muscles

We know staying healthy entails eating right, exercising regularly, and staying calm with meditation, prayer, counseling, etc. Everyone knows that refrain, and some actually practice it! But, as women, we have different health concerns than men. Physically, we are different. For starters, men don’t have to deal with mammograms, having a period, or childbirth. Or what happens physically after childbirth. If you have kids, you know what I’m about to say. Read more about Muscles That Matter: Pelvic Floor Muscles[…]