Extreme beauty: What are radio frequency vaginal treatments?

It’s not about appearance


This year we’ve talked about surgically enhanced back dimplesnipple reductionand non-invasive ‘nose lifters’, but while these controversial procedures are aesthetically-driven, the latest trend for radio frequency treatments down below is more about enhancing sensation.

Vaginal laxity (that’s looseness, in layman’s terms) is a common subsequence of childbirth and its side effects include a loss of feeling during intercourse. We asked Dr Sabika Karim, who specialises in cosmetic medicine and minimally invasive treatments for the face and body, about what her nonsurgical vaginal tightening treatment ‘Geneveve’ promises – and what it delivers.

Who is this treatment for?

“The Geneveve treatment is for women who want to boost their confidence and wellbeing when it comes to intimate issues such as enjoyment of sex and urinary incontinence. These can be due to a condition called ‘vaginal laxity,’ which is extremely common.”

What exactly is vaginal laxity?

“Vaginal laxity can be caused by the stretching that can occur with vaginal childbirth, pregnancy alone, or even just over time, as with facial skin. According to 81% of Obstetrics and Gynaecology practitioners, vaginal laxity often goes un-reported by their patients, and therefore undiscussed and untreated. This can have a profound effect on a woman’s sexual experience in terms of how much she can physically feel during intercourse, and by extension, her overall health and well-being. Also, vaginal walls help to support the bladder and when they lose their strength over time, incontinence can be the result.”

“The vaginal tissue becomes weakened from the natural ageing process”

Is this a treatment you should have at a certain age?

“We don’t specify or recommend an age to have the treatment done, as your need for it can be very dependent on lifestyle. For example, if you’ve had children, the treatment may be more effective and feel more noticeable to you than to someone else your age who has never given birth. The vaginal tissue also becomes weakened from the natural ageing process, so the older you are, the more likely it is that you will benefit from the treatment.”

How can it empower women?

“Fortunately, talking openly about intimate issues is not as taboo as it was a few years ago. More and more women are having the confidence to speak up about not feeling as much during sex, or leaking a bit (or a lot) when they laugh, cough, or exercise. It can actually be quite empowering, once you hear there’s a nonsurgical treatment, to take that first step and ask about it. We don’t want our patients, or women in general, to just ‘settle’ and deal day in and day out with seeing if there’s something safe and easy to help.”