What it’s really like to have your vagina tightened


From the procedure and the sex benefits, to a doctor’s advice.

For so many reasons, women worry about their vulvas. Whether we’re pranging out about the smell, appearance or tightness, most women will tell you they’ve experienced a bit of vagxiety in their lives.

While we know all VJs are stunning works of art, some women are having treatments to tighten their vaginas. This is undoubtedly a very personal choice and not one that should be taken lightly. So, while we’re all for the au natural lady lips/vagina/vulva in whatever beautifully unique way they were created, we decided to look into what one of the newest treatments is really about.

From actual surgery to pelvic floor exercises, there are various ways women can ‘tighten’ their vaginas should they want to. One of the newest and increasingly popular treatments is Geneveve, which claims to use radio frequency to stimulate your vaginal tissue in 30 minutes. It heats the deeper layers and apparently during the three months after the treatment, it makes your body create new collagen and elastin, which essentially make your vagina tighter. Their studies say 9 out 10 women experience more intense orgasms and and heightened arousal.

What an independent doctor says

“It seems bizarre women feel it necessary to do something like this. This area is very unknown and there’s a lot of uncertainty around it,” says Dr Clare Morrison, GP at MedExpress.

“This procedure certainly isn’t something that would be recommended by the medical profession. Pelvic floor exercises are risk-free, less expensive and also prevent incontinence – so much better value for money.

“Surgery can be helpful in certain cases. But the NHS wouldn’t sanction surgery for issues linked to women’s sex lives or vanity reasons. There would have to be a serious problem – like prolapse – for them to recommend this route.”

Here, three women who’ve had it explain what it’s really like.

Why did you have the treatment?

Natalie, 28: “I lost so much of my confidence after having a baby, I felt like a mum rather than a confident and sexual woman. Now I have a new partner, I really wanted sex to feel like it did before and I certainly felt conscious.

Alexandra, 28: “I don’t have children, but I’ve just started a new relationship and wanted sex to feel as good as possible for myself and my boyfriend. I wasn’t worried about vaginal tightness, but anything that can improve your sex life can only be a good thing.”

Marie, 35: “After having two children, I noticed less friction during sex. I was conscious sex didn’t feel like it used to for both me and my partner.”

What was your sex life like before?

Natalie: “I was so worried it felt different to other partners [my partner] previously had who didn’t have any children, and was definitely concerned that I wasn’t as tight.

Alexandra: “I always thought I had a healthy sex life.”

Marie: “I had a healthy sex life but was concerned my body had changed and I wasn’t pleasing my partner as much as I used to.”

What did the procedure feel like?

Natalie: “I was so surprised how easy and comfortable the procedure was. It didn’t take long and there were no side effects afterwards.”

Alexandra: “Initially I was quite nervous about having someone doing a treatment on my nether regions but all I could feel was a little heat from the device.”

Marie: “Painless, quick and easy. The warmth from the radio frequency was actually quite pleasant I had it done on my lunch break and was able to go back to work as normal afterwards.”

How has it affected your sex life?

Natalie: “It has given me new confidence. I feel I’m another step closer to getting my pre-baby body back, and sex is more pleasurable for both of us. My boyfriend has said he can definitely feel a positive difference as well, particularly in how confident I feel when we’re having sex.”

Alexandra: “I definitely feel tighter down there when I have penetrative sex, but I’ve also noticed how much more confident in the bedroom I am, which the man in my life certainly seems to enjoy. My orgasms are more intense and because I feel more confident, my boyfriend and I are having lots of sex which is great.”

Marie: “[My partner and I] both feel more satisfied and confident in our intimate relationship. The effects also seem to be improving as time goes on, which has really increased my enjoyment of sex.”

While these women have experienced positive outcomes, any medical procedure should be discussed in detail with your doctor.