Vaginal Rejuvenation 101

I was running late.  I had my arms full and I needed to hurry.  I ran into the house and dumped my arm load onto the counter.  I hadn’t had lunch yet, but there was no time.  I grabbed an apple and ran out the door.  As I rounded the car I spotted a skateboard and so I did a little jump to get over it and to my car door.  That was it, that was all it took.  I just peed on myself.  As my lifted feet came in contact with the ground, the urine just flowed.  I didn’t even feel like I had to go to the bathroom.  I hadn’t even had time to have a drink of water.  But it made no difference.  I had peed enough that a change of clothes was going to be necessary.  AAAaaaakkkkkk!!!

After a great evening out my husband and I returned home.  It was going to be one of those nights where we were thrilled to be in each other’s arms and have sex in our own bed.  I really wanted to enjoy it, so I quick ducked into the bathroom to apply a little lubricant before we settled in.  The last time we had sex I had trouble getting “wet” enough.  It had been uncomfortable without the lubricant and I did not understand.  I hhhhaaatteee extra steps!!!

I wanted the sex.  I was excited for the sex but it was like my body had betrayed me and would not cooperate.  So this time I was going to be ready.  I jumped into bed and we got busy.  The lubricant helped and we were off on a roll, but when the time came I just couldn’t find my finale.  The orgasm I so wanted and that the two of us had worked so hard for would not arrive. NNNnnnoooo!!!

Later he and lay there thinking and enjoying being together.  He tried to reassure me.  Maybe I needed something new, maybe it was something he did.  He then said the most shocking thing ever.  “It did feel different for me too.  It just hasn’t been as intense since you had kids and got looser.”  I’m sure he thought he was being helpful, but WTF did he just say?  I’m loose!  Ooooohhhhh!!!

The next day I’m headed for the shower.  The kids are gone and my hubbie has left leaving me with a kiss on the cheek.  He saw my horrified expression last night and tried his best to back track.  He claimed it was still good.  Not to worry.  We get older, things look and feel different on him too.  My poor husband, he has no idea how I will obsess over these statements.  I’m looking at myself in the mirror and thinking about looser, saggier, older.  It occurs to me I have no idea if the visual aspect of my woman parts has changed.  I break out the hand mirror and surprised to discover.  Yes, it was true.  All sorts of parts had become saggier and wrinkled.  WWWWwwaaaahhhhh!


So what am I going to do?  I just got hit with the 5 issues of vaginas and aging.  I want help.

  1. Urinary incontinence
  2.  Lack of lubrication leading to painful intercourse
  3. Less than great or non-existent orgasms
  4. Lack of tightness for his and my pleasure
  5. An aging saggy appearance